Our firm Abela and Abela Notaries, is one of Malta’s oldest Notarial Firms and has Notary Doctor Sam Abela as its Senior Partner. Complemented by a team of Junior Partners, Associates, and dedicated staff, we deliver professional services within our field. In addition to our in-house expertise, we collaborate with proficient professionals in architecture, accounting, and law, offering our clients a comprehensive range of services. However, clients always retain the option to appoint professionals of their choice.

The first to open our office in the family, was Dr. Salvatore (Sammy) Abela, graduated in 1952 as a Notary Public and went on to serve as a Parliament member from 1962 to 1971 and again from 1976 until his demise in 1977. The initial offices, established by Dr. Salvatore Abela were in Cosmana Navarra Street in Rabat, Malta and another in Mgarr, Malta, with the latter still serving today as an office for the firm.

By the the time of Dr. Salvatore Abela’s passing, the firm had gained considerable popularity, particularly in the northwestern part of the island. After his demise, Anthony (Tony) Abela assumed administration, with Notaries Dr. Joseph Agius and Dr. Antoine Agius overseeing notarial deeds until Dr. Anthony Abela obtained his warrant in 1990 and assumed leadership.

Simultaneously, Dr. Anthony Abela entered politics, first running in the 1981 general elections and subsequently being elected to Parliament in 1987, 1996, 1998, 2003, and 2013. He chose not to contest the 2017 election.

From June 1990 onward, our firm experienced significant expansion, welcoming a diverse team of professionals, including lawyers, architects, and accountants, available by appointment. Dr. Sam Abela took on the mantle of firm administration in 2003 when his father joined the Government Cabinet as part of the Ministry of Finance. In 2004, Dr. Anthony Abela served as Parliament Secretary for Defence until 2008.

Dr. Sam Abela, having graduated as a Notary Public in May 2007, further enriched the firm's expertise, and further took helm of the firm upon the demise of his father Dr. Anthony (Tony) Abela on the 8th November 2022. Since then, our firm has continued to thrive, with a dedicated team of Notaries and Lawyers who have seamlessly become integral contributors to our success.