Notary Dr. Anthony Abela, fondly referred to as Tony, was the linchpin of the firm, masterminding its evolution from a humble 4-person establishment into the revered institution it presently represents. Through his indelible influence, unwavering commitment, ceaseless diligence, unimpeachable integrity, extensive legal acumen, and unwavering resolve, he infused the firm with bedrock principles and ethics that remain the guiding force shaping its ethos to this very day.

His impactful leadership, tireless efforts, and unshakable moral compass not only elevated the firm's stature but also sowed the seeds of enduring values that continue to define the essence of the organization. Dr. Abela's exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication played an instrumental role in shaping the firm's trajectory, imprinting it with a legacy that persists in the fabric of its philosophy and operations, serving as a testament to his profound and lasting influence.

The firm started off with the Notary Dr Salvatore Abela known as Sammy, taking over a notarial office at the time. Notary Sammy Abela's popularity rose in the time, as did the firm. His roots can still be felt especially in localities such as Rabat, Mgarr, and Bidnija. By the time of Dr. Salvatore Abela’s passing, the firm had gained considerable popularity, particularly in the northwestern part of the island. After his demise, Anthony (Tony) Abela assumed administration, with Notaries Dr. Joseph Agius and Dr. Antoine Agius overseeing notarial deeds until Dr. Anthony Abela obtained his warrant in 1990 and assumed leadership.

Simultaneously, Dr. Anthony Abela entered politics, first running in the 1981 general elections and subsequently being elected to Parliament in 1987, 1996, 1998, 2003, and 2013. He chose to retire from politics following same.

As we mourn his loss, let us honor Tony's memory by upholding the values and principles he so passionately advocated for. We, at Abela and Abela Notaries, draw strength from the wisdom he imparted and the lasting impression he left upon us.