Abela & Abela Notaries is equipped to handle fully your transfer of property, starting off from the drafting of the agreement and collection of all documentation required. With the support of Abela & Abela Notaries, the parties work towards signing a written agreement that establishes the property being sold, the time frame within which the final deed of transfer takes place, the price and mode of payment, all other conditions pertaining to the property, indication of whether this transfer is subject to a bank loan or the acquisition of any other condition among other factors.

Abela & Abela Notaries will also support those going through with a transfer of property by assisting in collecting the relevant documentation necessary for promise of sale including documentation and information from vendors on the acquisition of title of the property being sold, any building permits, plans and site plan, identification documents and more.

After drawing up the promise of sale, Abela & Abela Notaries will register the promise of sale with the Inland Revenue Department, carry out searches to verify ownership, verify whether the property is in a compulsory registration area (upon request), handle any other permits required by law for the publication of the relative deed, and take care of preparation of deed that will then be passed along to the respective Bank’s legal advisor for their verification and eventual publication of deed.

After publication of deed, Abela & Abela Notaries also goes on to offer after deed services by paying Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax, enrolling the deed in the Public Registry and where applicable, the relative Lands registration will be applied for.